Marketing Consulting for Startups

Silicon Valley Startups are bringing disruptive innovations and are all set to become the next giants of the future. StunM helps startups and companies in setting up their end to end marketing strategies including market research & consumer insights, competitive analysis, GTM, market segmentation, positioning, product messaging, value building, social media & digital marketing. StunM's mission is to support, mentor and promote innovative startups towards growth and augmentation. 

Social Media & Digital Marketing Consulting

StunM helps startups and enterprises in formulating growth oriented social media campaigns and helps companies improve their ROI and web performances by 80%. StunM strategise end to end campaigns and executes them timely for better brand awareness and visibility. With StunM brands can optimise their web presence and digital space significantly.

Business Strategy Consulting

StunM's primary objective is to deliver extremely valuable insights and comprehensive strategy consultation to businesses and ideas which has the potential to grow exponentially on a large scale in a short span. The StunM marketers comes with relevant experience working and mentoring startups, primarily to help them scaling their businesses and revenues. On the other hand, StunM helps startups and SMEs set up their GTM processes, operations and financial strategies from product conceptualisation to validations to marketing promotions. 

Software & Marketing Automation Consulting

StunM also helps you choose the relevant marketing & CRM software by providing a deep dive into the competitive benefits of the same. Our goal is to upscale your numbers and productivity and that's why we recommend the best solution for your organisation. Therefore we partner with the top marketing software giants to enable intelligent marketing processes.

Sales Enablement, Development & Management

We also help you to enable proven sales practices depending on your industry type and help you formulate the best sales strategies and according enable the right channels to increase your sales pipeline and revenue.