StunM collaborates with Greytip Software to transform HR & payroll management

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StunM is excited to partner with Greytip Software to simplify HR processes by enabling cloud based application greytHR to SMEs and enterprises. GreytHR is a cloud based HR management and payroll software which helps companies in managing multiple HR and payroll functions like CoreHR, Payroll, Leave, Attendance and ESS.

Being a SaaS based application, greytHR can be accessed from anywhere. As many of the SMEs and enterprises are moving towards SaaS based application to help, maintain and scale their different business operations while keeping the infrastructure and administration costs as low as possible.

Below are the key value proposition of SaaS based greytHR application:

  • Cost Savings 63% of existing users have witnessed cost savings in their HR processes after moving to greytHR

  • Value for Money 91% users have rated greytHR as a value for money product

  • Time Saver 71 % users say that the time taken in payroll has reduced by more than 50%

With greytHR software, HR & payroll departments can seamlessly streamline different HR and payroll processes like Core HR, Leaves, Attendance etc. Similarly CEOs and founders can review employee engagements, brand values, MIS, dashboards, ROI, time and costs etc. with ease from anywhere, anytime.

StunM is a management consulting company which helps startups and enterprises in:

  • Setting up proven marketing strategies

  • Enabling right set of software/services

  • Offering effective business consulting which results in scale

To enable right set of tools and software to startups and enterprises, StunM has collaborated with multiple software companies and Greytip is one of them. GreytHR by Greytip software is the most preferred & recommended HR and payroll software by StunM.

To know more, Please write us at and we will help you with a detailed guide and product information.

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