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Jumping into entrepreneurial journey isn't as easy as it sounds these days. It involves a lot of sacrifices like quitting your 9-5 corporate job, quitting your fixed monthly income and salary, quitting the luxury of "not responding to emails over the weekends" and so much more.

Founder's thought on their journey -

Starting a venture was not easy for me until I realized that a fixed corporate job isn't my mother and I am not it's baby. And finally the worst of all came when I was let go from a big multinational conglomerate despite being a very high performing, confident and enthusiastic employee. It was devastating to see myself being a part of that situation. And, that was the day I decided to start my own consulting venture and contribute in employing integrity and sustaining real talent at workplace.

Yes, I was always enterprising, I always wanted to start a venture and experience how a CEO thinks, decides and delegates. But somehow, the temptations of those lucrative offers from bigger enterprises, did not allow me to take such a big step in my corporate journey. Also, having financial liabilities like education loans, regular expenses and so much more made me stick to my 9-5 job. And, of course if you are always learning new things and taking new challenges at workplace, it keeps enhancing your professional and interpersonal skills. Because of these key three reasons, I decided to stick with corporate for few more years. That's it, these 8 years corporate journey taught me a lot of things. I switched a lot of companies and learnt a lot while working at each of these companies.

One thing which I strongly believe is that, it strengthens your market knowledge and business understanding, when you implement what you learn when its required. Thankfully my pattern of switching companies was such that I worked for bigger organizations, learnt the business processes, gained the selling techniques and business skills which were required to transform at organizations which lacked those processes or were completely new at it. Some of the examples of this could be: scaling a SaaS company, setting up channel sales and distribution models, startup growth hacking, crafting sound value propositions, setting up right go to market strategy, market analysis, business development etc.

That's how my consulting skills were evolved and the idea of StunM triggered. StunM - Stunning Marketing is a marketing management consulting company. Our mission is to collaborate with startups and enterprises to help them grow, scale and transform above and beyond through effective strategic planning and business consulting.

Our core focus areas are:

  • Marketing Consulting for Startups

  • Business Strategy Consulting

  • Sales Enablement, Development & Management

  • Software & Marketing Automation Consulting

  • Resources & Manpower Consulting

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