Coronavirus impact on us and our nature

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Hello All, Hope you have been doing good during this lockdown! As well all know that this situation isn’t easy. Meanwhile, we are looking at the sad news coming everyday from various news channels, WhatsApp forwards and social media, I thought to create a blog to just connect with you all in this saddest cycle of our lives.

All we need this time is, some humanity, love, support and care. Like it’s said, “Tough times doesn’t last longer”, we will overcome this as well together. Though this pandemic is being like a ravage, there are a couple of good things happening to our Mother Nature which you can appreciate later.

Post my last blog, i received a lot of request to talk about coronavirus impact on us and nature. So this is just for that. In this blog i am going to mention some facts which are nicer to hear amidst all this outbreak related difficult stories.

Coronavirus pandemic, no doubt it is one of those very difficult phases of our lives wherein we all have been in home isolation for more than 2 months. History will remember that how we fought with it by social distancing. Suddenly our lives have come to a standstill due to COVID-19. It's so different than the usual, we have started working from home, connecting digitally with friends and loved ones, doing virtual classes, conferences and almost everything.

This is the time when humanity is actually taking place. We all have started becoming more supportive to each other. Our doctors, our police officers, hospital staffs, nurses, airport crews and officers have been the piller for this fight against coronavirus. As we have already given them the big applause through the balcony cheers. We should keep it up till we eliminate this monster from our lives completely.

Though this phase has desolated a lot of us but on a positive note it's a renovation. Those little talks from the balcony with neighbours, hours of video callings with friends and family, kicking off those little hobbies which we always took for granted, making your favourite recipes almost everyday and feel grateful about the food, doing Yoga and planks at home, binge watching your favorite series, reading the latest books and sipping off the chai or coffee from the balcony and cherishing the clear skies. There have been such a dramatic change in our lives and it's actually not that bad.

Apart from this a lot of good things have been happening to our mother nature and our environment. I have written a few poetry sort lines with regards to COVID-19 outbreak which you might find a good read.

World is a on a sudden pause like the power went off and there is no generator,

Unlike the before corona world which was definitely a plug and play world!

The roads didn't go empty when Bangalore was declared as one of the most congested cities,

Which in turn can shake the earth & sky, but left abandoned when WHO declared a pandemic!

China, globally 1st on pollution ranks & dioxide emissions, didn't care about it in 2019,

But closed most the provinces due to COVID -19 outbreak in 2020!

All time glamour of movies, concerts, new launches were never put on hold during bush fires,

And now shut and paused suddenly like we human make so much sense!

Flight have been grounded for more than months exactly during COVID-19 outbreak,

When we started talking about urban air mobility for commute due to overwhelming traffic!

COVID-19 is the hottest topic in the world currently on all the news channel,

When we have abundance of true/false news , stories, opinions to show every now & then!

No Handshake, No Shame, No Impact on business relationships,

While 'Namaste' is the new trend after getting embarrassed by many of us!

Hygiene is a paramount now due to outbreak,

While it would have been the same beforehand!

Work from home is considerable now due to COVID-19 pandemic,

But wasn't okay when all of us were driving to offices and contributing in polluted air!

It's a tough time, there is no doubt about it. Stocks going down, share market crashing, economy falling behind, increments/appraisals on hold, job cuts and so much. During this tough time 'Hope' is what we need to stay optimistic.

Meanwhile we are quarantined, some of the nicest things are happening to our mother nature. Here is a glimpse of it :)

Earth, it's not just taking revenge from us. Its giving us an option for mutual collaboration to help each other. Like most of the times before corona outbreak, we felt not breathing in the polluted air, not driving to office in the crazy traffic and peak hours, this is the time when we can give some time to earth to recover and heal by its own while we stay at home and work from home. So that, tomorrow when we go out to run, jog or walk, we can feel the fresh air and enjoy it instead of worrying about the pollution and gradual calamities.

Dolphins and Swans appearing in Italy canals, more birds chirping around us, lesser dioxides levels in the air, more ducks, more animals! Just imagine nature is turning exactly like we wanted it to be. Though there have been a lot of controversy around this news. It might be fake, but think rationally? Aren't we impacting our wild-life through the lockdown? Of-course yes, like we are scared of some of the animals, some of them might be scared of us. Isn't it? So, I am sharing this post

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Let's just follow what our earth is indicating. Let's live a more healthier, happier and joyful life with her by collaborating together. Please remember, coronavirus, this pandemic, the recession is temporary, but climate change is permanent! We need to sustain it to eliminate bigger problems. Please remember what we are doing currently to overcome this pandemic, is our best effort.

Together we will overcome this difficult time and create a history of love, human kind, support which will be remembered by us & our next generations.

Stay Home, Stay Safe Guys!

Keep up the work and business as usual by staying at home. Utilize digital media as much as possible to avoid the business impacts. Think about creative ways to stay motivated. If you are looking for some motivational tips to balance work-life during these tough times, please hit the subscribe button since I will be bringing more articles to stay productive during this tough time of COVID-19.

Enjoy Social Distancing Guys,

Stay Tuned!

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