Kathmandu in one day

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Here is my first attempt on a travel vlog. The video is finally available on Youtube.

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I believe visiting a country which is a trekking paradise and still carries a lot of historic, enticing and vibrant culture, is difficult to explore in a short span of time. I am a full-time marketer who spends her weekends and some of the leaves to travel and explore the world.

Recently I traveled to Nepal and wasn’t sure that I will be able to see so much in such a short time along with a trek to Annapurna base camp.

This video is a quick guide to give you the best of Kathmandu attractions, that can be easily visited in just one day.

This 7-minute video covers the best moments of my Kathmandu visit. Please watch and let me know if this was helpful to plan your next trip to Kathmandu, Nepal. :)

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