Awe-inspiring blog publishers you should follow now

If you are truly enthusiastic about blogging and dreaming about a successful career in the digital space and media, then you should not ignore some of these outstanding blog/media websites. Certainly it will leave an inspiration after every read. Personally, i don't go without exploring them and hitting the links, when these publishers post their blogs and articles. Though creating a successful blog and media brand isn't really an easy job, it takes several years of hard work and dedication to give it a milestone. Here are top notch, my favorite blog pages handpicked among multiple others. These pages are delivering amazing contents everyday to inspire and educate.

1. Huffington Post : It's among one of those incredible blog pages. Here, you can get to see the latest political trends, lifestyle and Personal management, career and entrepreneurship, education and entertainment. This page covers most of it almost everyday. (

2. Forbes: Having issues with workplace, job role, boss or anybody in the world? Forbes is the place to visit. It covers ultimate guides & solutions to some of the critical routine work-day and lifestyle problems. (

3. National Geographic Traveller: This page is a paradise for all the travellers and solace finders. If you are anxious because of something and willing to do nothing except planning for your next dream travel, then this is the place to browse. You won't even realize, how it truly keeps you engaged and let's you forget about the world. So, now it's time to follow NatGeoTraveller on LinkedIn, Facebook , Instagram ,Twitter and start planning your next adventurous journey. (

4. HubSpot: I love the way HubSpot teaches various incredible social media, marketing, CRM and sales techniques through simple and engaging blogs and articles. If you are willing to inspire your team and make your venture the next giant in this competitive world, then you should not miss following and using HubSpot. (

5. HBR: Learning or Education, Career Growth or Advancement, Marketing or New Business Trends, Entrepreneurship or Consulting, Smart Management or Traditional Approach, Integrity or Ethics, Innovation or Ideas, Startups or Investments..and so on. HBR is the masterpiece among all. I have been one of the founding fans of Harvard Business Review. (

I hope this article was helpful. If you are looking for more insights, I would love to share the knowledge and experiences. Also, I will be happy to hear your comments and opinions on this.

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