A few of the digital trends you should be watching in 2020

Hello you all entrepreneurs, wish you a very happy new year. I am sure some of you might be thinking why you haven't heard anything from stunning marketing from 2020 beginnings. Ohh, Because first month of the year is called as a 'Planning Month' in our calendar. This is how we think and we would like to tell you why we think so.

As we all know that we have so much on our to do list for the whole year and we have to kind of juggle with multiple things at a time during stressed quarterly targets and while achieving dollar numbers. So it's good to just take a little bit time off from execution and focus on planning is always a good idea in the first month of the year.

So folks, yes! This is what we were doing in the first month of 2020. We have streamlined our plans for 2020, our goals for 2020 and our roadmap for 2020. Well, you don't need to spend huge amount of time on this planning phase. May be 7-8% is a good amount of time which you can assign for this one.

So coming back to subject, If you are a startup and looking for some tremendous growth and scale strategies, a couple of things you should be eyeing on in 2020. These are:

1. Strong Digital Strategy: Yes, you heard it right! I know 2019 itself has been a major disruptor in our digital ecosystem. So many businesses, startups, smes have started using digital media to promote their brand. But as per the digital roadmap forecasting, it has been observed that digital transformation is going to continue in startups scale and growth till 2025. Like it's said, anything in abundance is bad sometimes. So you never know! So buckle up and start your landing gears 'digital transformation'.

2. Don't disconnect with core technology: With abundance of new trends coming in, primarily in AI, IoTs, Digital Twins and so on, we kind of start deviating from core technologies at time. There is still a lot of scope to improve the core technologies which are not at all related to AI or predictive analytics. Think big and keep coming with mind boggling ideas. (We have some of them, connect to know more and collaborate)

3. Do more of initial market analysis instead of getting trapped into continuous competitive intelligence: If you have gauged your market properly during the ideation stage, your chances of scaling quickly and beating the competition is higher.

So, that's it guys to start with. We would be happy to connect further for partnership collaborations, strategic planning and sales enablement consulting.

We are based out of Bangalore and have been an exceptional contributor in startups scale journey and growth related assignments.

Let us know your amazing start up journey and we will help you spreading it with global ecosystem, right collaborators and business partners through short consultings and strategic roadmaps.

Until Next, Stay Tuned!

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