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When I ask clients about their demand generation techniques they are using, most of them answer it in this way: We usually send e-mails, give a phone call, social media, optimization of social sites, sometimes have a newsletter, go to networking and stop there. And they are surprised that their business is not growing. Well by using limited ways of lead generation we can’t increase our prospects. The ideas which came into my mind regarding the lead generation combines these following techniques:

  • There should be an “Email Us” box on each page of your website. So whenever any prospect visits the page he/she could send an email regarding his/her queries. In this way, we can get a lot of leads on a daily bases.

  • People want what they cannot have. If there’s one pillar of sales psychology, this is it: People want what they cannot have. So how can you build that into your lead generation campaigns? How can you add an element of scarcity? For this we can create a trial or free version for each and every month, once the month gets completed the trial would disappear and now the product gets turned into a product for sale.

  • Rather than focusing on one particular way of lead generation, start rolling around all the marketing campaigns & techniques of lead generation like Bulk Emailing, Publishing the articles, blogs, advertisement, forums, events, seminars, client communication, client relationships,

  • Success comes from executing the basics well. Generating leads is not complicated, it takes 3 things: a great offer, a solid reason to put the offer in front of the right people, a particular reason to act.

  • Social Media like LinkedIn and Instagram is key network building and lead generation platforms these days. Engage as much you can. Post contents which your audience want to hear and you will receive so much shout out at your offerings.

  • A lead is someone who is more valuable than just a potential customer’s need. A lead is someone who is actively interested in our business and services. Make a difference during calling the prospects i.e. cold calling and interest calling. Make the customer waiting for contact because of their interest in the product and services we are offering so that if we call them at the very first time, this could lead to a positive impression.

  • Before calling, the potential customer should have some awareness about the product and services which can lead to a qualified conversation. For this, advertisements are very necessary. SEO (Search engine optimization) can help the leads to make them aware of the brand name and ranking of the product which gives them a chance to attract for our products and services.

  • A well-written Professional email newsletter will work wonders for your company. It can possibly lead to new avenues of revenue that you haven’t explored yet and will be a sure winner for those customers you seek to keep in touch with on a regular basis.

So, which ideas will spark new sales, and keep your customers coming back, again and again? Here are five ideas that are sure to make your newsletters sparkle.

  • Exchange links with other entrepreneurs or websites that have the same target market as you, but are not your competitors. This way, when people visit their websites, they see your link and come to check your website, which will bring you more traffic.

  • Set up the different follow-up messages you want to send to people, then each time you have a new client, just enter his or her name, and the software will remind you what to do and when to do it.

  • Events & seminars should be organized and promoted online. This is another way to get free exposure, so even if people can’t come to your event, if they are interested in learning about it they will check your website, and sign up for the newsletter, to be informed for the next time. Plus each attendee is a new lead.

  • Writing articles and blogs is actually one of the best ways to get free exposure. Each article is a way to share your expertise & objective with people, and again, to give a sample of what you do and how you can help them.

  • The communication gap should not be there between you and the client. Keep the relationship going in the same way as it was earlier whether are interested in taking the services or not. In this age of technology, sending a handwritten “Thank You” note makes you stand out from the crowd. You want to impress your clients or contacts, and want them to remember you.

Hope you find this insightful for your next demand generation process formulation and execution.

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