A bit about StunM - Stunning Marketing

StunM - Stunning Marketing aims to bring proven sales and marketing strategies, entrepreneurship stories, experiences and strategic growth hacking value additions to startups & enterprises.

Founded By: Neha Anand

About Neha: Neha is an expert sales, marketing and strategy consultant. She loves writing, traveling, networking and consulting with people, startups and businesses. She brings extensive experience in selling cloud based software and solutions. She also carries strong business acumen and knows how to grow a company from the conception to a constant revenue generating establishment. She knows how to plan and execute successful Go to Market processes, product marketing strategies and business use case creation.

She brings vast experience working with industries like cloud, IT software and solutions, accounting and financial software companies, aerospace and media.

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Our Story

Entrepreneurship is not just starting a company, it's about finding out the solution for an ongoing problem or gap which is troubling millions of life. During my experience working with startups and product evangelisms, I felt there are thousands of innovations that can bring disruption and transform the lives of millions. The sad fact that they are not able to scale because of lacking efficient marketing strategies & channels. That's when the idea of Stunning Marketing triggered and kicked off as a consulting platform. Idea is to help those startups scale by helping them define the right value proposition, correct positioning, targeting and brand visibility in this competitive market.