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We love to share amazing & inspiring startup & growth stories from the globe. Along with this, we consult with entrepreneurs and marketers to help them in creating and building awesome social selling & marketing strategies for quick growth and market expansion.

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Founder's vision

Neha Anand Jha, CEO

StunM - Stunning Marketing is a management consulting company. Our mission is to provide strategic planning, marketing management and sales enablement services through detailed and industry expert consultation. Our founders come from management background with a vast experience working with different industries like IT, cloud, media, fintech and aerospace. 

Plenty of startups with great ideas aren't able to scale and grow due to lack of effective strategic planning and marketing support. Our goal is to help these startups in formulating right strategies for their quick growth and revenue generation.

StunM triggered as an idea while I myself was working with a startup and used to meet founders from the startup ecosystem. I was astonished to see some of the ideas and they were way better than what the market is inclined towards. And, I could not help them since I was employed for another company. That's when I decided to do something for this innovative ecosystem. I officially kicked off StunM on August 23, 2020. Since I worked on multiple marketing, sales and strategic planning roles in space of cloud, digital transformation, AI, machine learning, CRM and predictive analytics, I was confident that I can make a difference. And thus, I am here. I look forward to creating an exceptional value in the entrepreneurship ecosystem and guide entrepreneurs with the right strategy for scale and transformation.

What does our client say?

Ron, Chief Marketing Officer

StunM is an excellent marketing and strategy company which always directs you in the path of growth hacking and sales enablement. I love working with such a dynamic team.

Michael, VP - Marketing

Neha from StunM is an excellent consultant. You can never go wrong working with her. She brings excellent ideas and strategies which has made a significant contribution in our startup growth and sales development.

Naveen, CTO

StunM consultants are expert in implementing right strategies and sales development processes for cloud and AI startups.


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